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  • tequila creencias blanco
     47,10 incl. Vat (€ 62.8/l)

    Tequila Creencias Blanco Organic

    Nose: Cooked agave, sweet prunes. Body: Elegant, textured and very fresh. Palate: Initially dry and crisp, developing quickly into a very sweet flavour. Finish: Warming with strong notes of cooked agave and broad herbal tones. Colour: Clear. Tequila Creencias Blanco is exceptionally sweet for a silver tequila, and an easy introduction to the remarkable world of tequilas. Creencias is certified as an organic tequila.
     47,10 incl. Vat (€ 62.8/l)
     47,10 incl. Vat (€ 62.8/l)