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  • tequila rancho alegre blanco
     31,09 incl. Vat (€ 31.09/l)

    Tequila Rancho Alegre Blanco

    Nose: Very aromatic for a tequila blanco. Fresh and rounded with a subtle hint of cooked agave and sweet marshmallow. Body: There is a definite sweetness, but it remains crisp and enjoyably light. Palate: Starts sweet, before moving towards a gentle spiciness. The end notes become dry with a reminiscence of dried fruits. Finish: Satisfying, medium in length with a dry end. Colour: Clear. Tequila Rancho Alegre Blanco is a remarkably clean and unusually sweet tequila which is ideally enjoyed straight. It's a great introductory tequila for beginners and a true favourite for experts.
     31,09 incl. Vat (€ 31.09/l)
     31,09 incl. Vat (€ 31.09/l)