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  • tequila 30-30 blanco
     29,90 incl. Vat (€ 42.71/l)

    Tequila 30-30 Blanco

    Nose: Very fresh. A strong minty fragrance with a hint of honey. Body: Medium to full with a hearty texture. Palate: A strong taste of eucalyptus bursts forth, before slightly herbal undertones emerge and a tinge of black pepper pops out at the end. A concentrated sweetness seeps through. Finish: Clean and dry. Colour: Clear. Tequila 30-30 Blanco should act as a role model for all tequila blancos - it is delicious and can be sipped straight or mixed in a cocktail. Comparable to a mild gin, this blanco is a great choice of those who prefer a slightly bitter spirit, but the flavours are subtle and never overwhelming. It is also excellent value for money.
     29,90 incl. Vat (€ 42.71/l)
     29,90 incl. Vat (€ 42.71/l)