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    la medida mezcal joven
     44,10 incl. Vat (€ 63/l)

    Mezcal La Medida Espadín

    Nose: A rich and delicate bouquet, with sweet notes of citrus fruits and a hint of thyme. Body: Dry and slightly smokey. Perfectly balanced, perhaps due to the low percentage of alcohol in comparison to other mezcales. Palate: Well rounded. Dried figs and pineapples combine with chocolate and a hint of pink pepper and salt. Finish: Lightly spicy. Unusually short for a mezcal. Colour: Clear. La Medida Espadín has an interesting and elegant flavour. Unlike some mezcals, it is not intense, making it an appealing choice for mezcal newcomers as well as tequila lovers. With time for oxygenation, the flavor changes from a dryness to a delicious sweetness. Thanks to its affordable price tag, this is the ideal introductory mezcal.
     44,10 incl. Vat (€ 63/l)
     44,10 incl. Vat (€ 63/l)