Our Products

Our range of tequilas and mezcales may be smaller than some, but it is personally and very carefully curated by our expert agave-aficionado, ensuring the spirits’ rich diversity and range of flavours are fully showcased.

Thanks to it’s unique production process, tequila is a very versatile, natural spirit with a thousand different faces and flavours, meaning no two brands or even distillations will taste the same.

We’ve selected a premium range of tequila blanco, reposado and añejos that display very dramatic and different characteristics, and so will appeal to a wide range of palates.

Our mezcales are equally exotic, and have been chosen for their height of quality and depth of flavour.

How do we select our products? Aside from being distilled from 100% agave, there is one absolutely essential requirement for all of tequilas and mezcales that we choose to feature on Tequila y Soledad: they have to be delicious.

Second to that, our selection comes primarily from small tequila and mezcal houses or independent distilleries that focus on handcrafting small, premium quality batches.

Every bottle we select has gone through a rigorous tasting process before we choose to share it, and with thousands of unique bottles still to taste we’re still on a delicious journey to curate the very best!

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Personally curated

We’ve tasted Mexico’s finest tequilas and mescals in order to curate a selection that we truly love. Every bottle we sell is available because we have personally verified that it is pure, top quality and delicious – and we want to share it with the world.

Only 100% agave

We only sell 100% agave spirits. There are many varieties of agave: Mexico’s finest tequilas are distilled from nothing but the Blue Tequilana Weber agave commonly found in Jalisco, while Mescal can be distilled from Espadín, Tobalá and Tepeztate agaves, amongst others. But one thing is certain – the very best Mexican spirits only contain pure, 100% agave.

NO politics

We’re not affiliated with any particular distilleries and we don’t get paid to advocate specific products. Every spirit we sell is a one that we have personally chosen because we think it deserves to be enjoyed by the world’s most discerning drinkers and achieve international recognition.

All types & all styles

Our cellars are stocked with a rich variety of tequila and mezcal blancos, reposados, añejos and jóvenes so whatever you’re craving, we’ll have it. Just like people, every tequila and mescal has very different characteristics – agave spirits can taste rich, complex, generous, mournful, victorious and magnificent – but be assured, there is a distillation to suit every taste.  

The taste

Although every tequila and mescal tastes different, there is one important characteristic that unites each bottle of 100% agave spirit on Tequila y Soledad: we have chosen to sell it because it tastes delicious, and we haven’t settled for anything less.

From Mexico

Just like Alonso, tequila and mescal could only be from Mexico – bursting with pride, passion and flavour, it really is a product of it’s origin. We’re honoured to be introducing the taste of Mexico to Europe. As well as the products themselves, we’re also honoured to be introducing you to the culture, history and stories surrounding the spirit; we’ll bring you distillery interviews, news and production method secrets, as well as delicious recipes so you can enjoy the spirits to their full potential!

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