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  • tequila somonque anejo
     61,50 incl. Vat (€ 87.86/l)

    Tequila Somonque Extra Premium Añejo

    Nose: Marzipan, caramel and a dark wood, resembling mahogany more than oak. Body: Big, rounded with some dryness of texture. Palate: Lightly sweet start, nutty, raw dark chocolate / cacao beans. Finish: Warming, with a gingery dryness and an oakiness that eventually reveals itself. Colour: Dark amber. The Tequila Somonque Añejo contains some very particular flavour notes that can be attributed to ca. two years of aging in the richly aromatic ex-bourbon casks.
     61,50 incl. Vat (€ 87.86/l)
     61,50 incl. Vat (€ 87.86/l)