Mezcal Koch Ensemble – Four Wild Agaves

Mezcal Koch Ensemble – Four Wild Agaves

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Nose: Notably earthy. Very bright and clean with characteristics of tropical fruits and a hint of cinnamon.

Body: Astonishingly fresh and multi-layered.

Palate: Begins with a hint of sweet mango, kiwi and pineapple, before becoming nutty in flavour and texture and eventually developing into a dry herbal, spiciness. All flavours are very lively and slowly emerge as different notes.

Finish: Gently dry and smoky. The herbals notes of the Tobasiche agave are particularly present.

Colour: Clear.

This mezcal offers the perfect balance of flavours from four wild agave distillations: Cirial, Tobalá, Tobasiche and Lumbre. The agave Cirial creates a spiciness and a mineral element, while the Tobalá adds a thick body and sweetness. Lumbre and Tobasiche give depth and herbal characteristics. All the flavours emerge gradually and are easy to isolate and identify. The Mezcal Koch Ensemble offers a unique tasting experience that can easily compete with the best spirits in the world.

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Alc. Vol.




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Copper pot stills




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Earthen oven