Tequila Somonque Extra Premium Reposado

Tequila Somonque Extra Premium Reposado

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Nose: Initially strong and very herbal. After oxygenation the bouquet becomes more subtle, with underlying notes of oak, dates, wild honey and orange blossom.

Body: Astonishingly light and smooth. Silky, with a tinge of sweet citrus fruits.

Palate: A lovely balance of creaminess and sweetness. It's easy to detect dried fruits like banana, apricot and pineapple with caramel, topped off with a clear hint of vanilla and hazelnut.

Finish: Long, with a tinge of cooked agave throughout. Initially oaky and spicy (cinnamon and root ginger) but becoming gradually dry.

Colour: Bright yellow gold.

The Tequila Somonque Reposado bears a strong similarity to a good smokeless whisky. Due to an entirely natural fermentation process, this tequila takes a longer time to produce, and is worth the wait. For a reposado it is rather on the light, sweet side of the flavour spectrum thanks to the notes of (ex-bourbon) American oak, and each sip slips down like silk.

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Additional information

Agave Type

Age (in months)

10 – 12

Alc. Vol.




Content (in ml.)


Distillation Method

Stainless steel pot stills




Oven Type

Brick oven